The warmest New Year’s reception


We all know it: dull annual meetings and obligatory New Year’s receptions. But what if we combined them and transformed it into a real experience for all guests? That’s what Cravat did for Group De Ceuster; at Tribune M!

We translated the green, natural character of Group De Ceuster into the event approach. Guests were welcomed in a natural environment with lots of plants, green carpets and wooden furniture.

“There wasn’t a better way to create a warm winter welcome than outside at the tribune of the stadium”.
Sarah, Cravat

Welcome at Studio GDC

After the reception, with hot chocolate, cake and coffee, all guests were invited to enter Studio GDC. We built a mini TV studio to host the plenary session, for inspirational presentations with an entertaining, journalistic approach. This sparkling reception, extended walking dinner and glamorous plenary session were the perfect ingredients to end a warm New Year’s event.