Teambuilding with a mission


A day full adventure, surprising turns, empowering suspense and one common mission. There is no better way to describe the 00L Teambuilding event of Brewery Lindemans. Following a big and successful promotional campaign of posters, short video’s and advertising in their own newsletters concerning the Lindemans office crime, all participants were invited to embrace their inner James.

“The common mission is one small ingredient, but it makes the biggest difference!”
Yves, Cravat

My name is Mans… Linde Mans

Host of the day was James Bond himself, who guided everyone through the challenging activities with one common goal: solve the crime. Stacking beer crates to create the highest tower, including the builder him/herself? Completing the journey by helicopter when the bus breaks down? Fighting your way through the swamp to finish the mission? The perfect ingredients for a James Bond teambuilding! To top the day off with an extra glam factor, we completed the program with a refreshing Trappist and cheese tasting, glamourous Casino games and a luxurious transport. An empowering day full of challenges and surprises, from the double-o-L up to the smallest details!