In the Walloon town Sprimont, home of the glass factory Sprimoglass, Cravat turned an authentic factory site into a festive scenery for Bal Festival. This family day was set up by Sprimoglass to thank all employees and their family, and welcome all 500 visitors inside the glass factory to discover its craftsmanship and rich history, but most of all: to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Cravat created a unique event experience and topped it off with a customized event logo. Surrounded by branded flag lines, enlarged maps of the site, beach flags and customized signalization, parents and kids were invited to discover the factory tour with live demos and challenge each other during one of the activities or workshops. From children grime and djembe workshops to a Segway trail, archery tag, and a climbing wall, with the ultimate treat of a tasty summer barbecue.

An extended podium program put the cherry on the Bal Festival cake, with a professional host, an inspiration speech by the CEO, kids entertainment by the Crazy Disco Show, an authentic blue(s)grass band and an energetic cover band that closed the night. All that was Bal Festival.

“Thanks to the great musical performances, fun and energetic activities and enthusiastic audience we managed to turn a fairly cloudy day into a warm, festive family event.”
Sarah, Cravat