Pretty fit for being 75 years old


The Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences of KULeuven, also known as Sportkot, wanted to celebrate their 75 years of existence with a bang. What better way to engage the more than 1000 attentees than with… a sportive celebration?

“Therefore, we had to create a well thought out campaign together with members from the university, the faculty and different Alumni organizations.”
Yves, Cravat

Stronger, fitter, faster!

We wanted to combine the celebration, the promotion of fitness and the plenary sessions into one holistic approach. Both fitness of body and soul. The results were a fun sports tournament, inspirational academic sessions, a foodtruck festival and a nostalgic dance party. Never to forget!

“Even rector Rik Torfs bought new running shoes to fit in.”
Jonas, Cravat