Get together at The Pitstop


Europ Assistance is one of the largest roadside assistance providers in Belgium & Europe that offers car, travel and temporary assistance. So how can we strengthen the ties with their 250 dépanneurs?

We know they all love cars. We also know they have a passion for speed and kicks. That’s why we organized an informal get together event.

“It was the perfect time to take a pitstop. And can you think of a better venue to do so than Brussels Kart?”
Sarah, Cravat

On the road vibes

To fully exploit the concept of the pitstop, we created an appropriate event logo that was used in all communication. But we did go the extra mile, and gave the venue a total ‘on the road’ vibe.

“The walking band, arcade racing games, BATAK Pro and racing sessions really brought an extra dimension to the event.”
Thomas, Cravat