Gemini House Launch


Welcome to the new Gemini House!

Since Gemini’s headquarter in Antwerp was already located for more than 25 years at the same building, they decided it was time for a new chapter.
To celebrate the new Gemini House, they asked us to create a magical event so they could host their 500 national and international guests at their beautiful new building.

To be able to cope with their request, Cravat events placed a huge tent with terrace in front of the building on the public road with open view to the new building. To create their magical feeling we placed lot’s of natural elements in and around the tent so we could point out the ecological purpose of their business. No classic walking buffet, but delicious Indian food created by local Indian chefs served with delicious alcohol free cocktails.

From now on, you can find Gemini in their new innovative and beautiful building where they give materials a second live. We are proud that we could be a part of that special moment!