For three years, Essent worked day and night with 100 people on the new internal system Nova. Expedition NOVA was a great challenge for the Essent team.

Cravat organized the big launch of this project by creating a GO LIVE moment. We symbolically built a Basecamp on the way to the top of the Himalaya, where the first NOVA flag was planted. Basecamp 1 became a zone to relax, lean back and look back with a smile at the enormous performances that were delivered.
Basecamp 1 became a treat in a Tibetan decor with healthy food and snacks. A great thank you for reaching the goal.

Thinking of the Himalaya with his stunning views to the mountains, the forest, the river, we used handcrafted authentic materials, a rustic feeling, the typical Tibetan prayer flags and some of the rich flora of the Himalaya mountains and surroundings, we create a picturesque experience that allowed the team to relax, unwind and find the inner peace they desire after their journey of hard work.

Because food connects people, we served excellent catering. Healthy snacks and fruits, a nice breakfast and with our partner The Himalaya Club, we organized professional Asian catering. Authentic Asian dishes, prepared by a passionate chef with organic vegetables, accompanied by tender meat, fres fish and shellfish.
An excellent choice from a delicious palette of finger food, main courses and desserts.