Energy supplier Essent turned to Cravat to work around their new promotional campaign. As Essent celebrated their 15th anniversary, they launched The Breakfast Club, a campaign that emphasized an energetic breakfast. Cravat was happy to work out a creative two-part event concept around The Breakfast Club, consisting of a social stunt and an intern event for Essent employees. We teamed up with professional agency High 5, one of our close partners specialized in field marketing and brand activation.

The Social Stunt was set up in Central Station of Antwerp, at the early morning. In the well-known setting of the trains and travelers, we placed a luxurious breakfast table where all passengers were invited to take a seat and enjoy a free Essent breakfast. This spontaneous social interaction was recorded and edited into a promotional video to raise awareness around the campaign of 15 years Essent.

“The Breakfast Club social stunt at Central Station of Antwerp created a special, unexpected event in a daily set up. A lot of people found it very interesting to witness.”
Yves, Cravat

As for the intern event, we invited the Essent employees at the Intense hall at domain De Schorre for an extended breakfast buffet. After an energizing breakfast, the program consisted of empowering activities to start the day with a bang: from wall climbing, discovering an altitude trail, or enjoying a barefoot walk. A festive Birthday celebration for 15 years Essent!