Discover More

The Digital Transformation is all around us. With this event we wanted to show that HPE is there to help us reach our destination. Therefore Cravat created a unique event – HPE Discover More.

To let the visitors feel that we are on the highway to the future we created three event zones. It litteraly takes them on a journey, from the past to the future, and allows them to join in on the HPE acceleration towards a better future.

The first zone was the Riverside reception area. There the visitors experienced a throwback to the past by exhibiting old computers. After the reception, they literally stepped on the highway to the future during the plenary sessions. The surrounding screens and floor mapping created a real life accelerating atmosphere and form an original way to announce our speakers, coming from the past, telling their story on the road towards the future. Our final zone, the networking zone, reflected the future of innovation and inspiration. The visitors could discover the life enriching ways HPE offers.