Building with Brussels


Aldi recently commissioned us to integrate the opening of a new store in Brussels into a strong press event, as part of Aldi’s ambitious construction plans for the city of Brussels. Of course, we were up for this challenge!

Based on the baseline “Aldi builds with Brussels”, we developed a strong, communicative marketing story that identifies, unravels and links the basic values of Aldi with the various construction projects in Brussels. In doing so, we linked a strong marketing story to the assets of Aldi’s construction projects and approach, in which their strengths and (hitherto unknown) working methods are presented to the wider public in an original way.

Putting all of these elements together, we organised a press event on the roof of the building in a beautifully decorated setting. This event ended up being an all-rounder for us, as we took up the creative elaboration, the story telling and copy writing, as well as the full communication and the complex logistical arrangements.

Mission accomplished!