The Merger event of Confederatie Bouw made sure that Flanders Expo at Gent got a full green make-over. At the end of January 2017 we celebrated the merger of Confederatie Bouw Oost-Vlaanderen & Waasland together with 1000 guests, all of them building contractors and entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

“These guests have high expectations, so we really had to raise the bar.”
Yves, Cravat

Stronger Together

Cravat created a personalized event that embodied the style, colors and character of Confederatie Bouw. Our hostesses and catering crew all welcomed and served the guests in a green overall and white constructor helmet. The result was a powerful event with stylish catering buffets, fun themed activities like Nageltje Klop and Kop van Jut, an Energy Meter as leading thread throughout the program and a booming afterparty with DJ Sam & MC Sterk.