A CGI journey to 2018


With a clear view on the future and the journey of 2018 ahead, CGI invited their employees at Trainworld to discuss the goals of the upcoming year as a team. The authentic ticket hall, part of the museum in the old station, became the original, inspiring setting for the F2018 CGI Annual Tour. Cravat assisted into creating an evening of networking, learning and sharing, to launch the new fiscal year of CGI and bring their strategic planning activities and business plans to life. With professional technical support for international live broadcasting, the launch of the energetic after movie of their summer event and a fun CGI Go Pass networking gadget (where will CGI take you in 2018?), Cravat added some little pieces of magic in small details. A delicious walking dinner with street foods and sweet desserts closed the day and sent all guests home with a branded CGI giveaway and a smile on their face.

“It’s always fun to work out creative event concepts for a company as CGI. The warmth and spirit of the company makes it a delight to set up each event format, from a family day to a network event.”
Jonas, Cravat