Virtual Meetings



Discover several studio options to host your digital meeting
Upgrade your technical facilities to size, style and needs
Empower your meeting with inspirational content
Broadcast through the channel of your choice
Enable interaction with and between your audience(s)


Goal: Position HPE as a leader in technology towards HPE partners & Clients in an inspiring gathering to highlight the domains of the company. Networking & keeping HPE top of mind with customers & their partners for all IT challenges was Key. 
It was Cravat’s Mission to translate the corporate mission statement of HPE into an event metaphor to highlight that the digital transformation is all around us, markets are changes, connectivity is common thread & everybody is creating data.

Virtual Meetings

Welcome to DISCOVER MORE. We are on the digital highway and HPE is there to help to reach your destination. We created an inspiring digital event look & feel, using the latest Tech Tools to translate the message and get everyone connected – gathering data in a digital way. Taking all visitors through a journey from past to present & the future. Through inspiring speeches, smart audience interactions, a digital partner experience, we buzzed and disrupted the audience and engaged partners.


Suitable for: corporate messages, annual reports, strategies.
The speech format is especially 1-directional.

Contains of:
*  1 or 2 camera set(s)
*  Autocue
*  Professional sound
*  Recording set

*  Basic interaction
*  Voting – live voting – …
*  Offline interaction: boxes – letters – invitations

Corporate Presentation

Suitable for: a similar format as TV-show recordings

Contains of:
*  1 ‘room recording’ with several speaker views
*  Formats: speech, interview, panel, live intermezzo
*  Strict program, timing & rehearsals
*  Several cameras & setups
*  Deployable to existing platform

*  Digital artists & hosts
*  Music à la carte
*  Digital tasting & menus
*  Improvisation theatre

Multi Media Event

Suitable for: a similar format as TV-show recordings, with graphic overlays and live interactions

Contains of:
*  Recording in a (home) studio
*  Incl. full view video integration: other speaker – full screen films
*  Possibility of interaction through voting & other live interactions
*  Registration & tracking: online

Digital Event Festival

Suitable for: The big deal. Go big or go home.

Contains of:
*  Virtual venues/locations
*  Virtual hosts
*  Virtual booths
*  Virtual café

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