Concept Creation

When P&V asked us if we could create a new concept for their Engagement Day we were immediately excited. We took a regular agent event and raised it to a higher level.

The goal of the event was to connect agents from different regions and companies into a strong network of dedicated insurance brokers.

Event translation

We transformed the beautiful event hall of Hotel Den Berg into a Himalaya Base Camp. Complete with Nepal flags and winter decoration.

During the break, the agents were encouraged to work together and build the strongest string of knots.
This activity was meant to enforce the team spirit and it did not miss its goal. The agents all strived for victory!

Cravat’s Event Communication Manager, Sarah, designed and developed the whole keynote presentation. Containing more than 300 slides in both Dutch and French. Working side by side with our client, she created a truly beautiful presentation.

Unique Features

All guests were invited to take a picture, unknown what the intention was. A beautiful mosaic, using every picture revealed the new Agent 360 logo.

During the event, the different districts were divided into ‘Mountains’. Every mountain had its basecamp in the venue. At the basecamp they were introduced to their new district manager and had the first opportunity to network with each other.

We developed a video animation, displaying the real P&V office in Bornem. Using hand-drawn animations the office was rebranded into the new look and feel of P&V.